Swedish Massage Therapy

Twisty Knots Massage, Southport


This type of massage works on tendon mobility, improving lymph flow releasing toxins and improving joint mobility.  


Benefits are:-

  • Boosts lymph flow
  • Loosens up stiff joints
  • Releases tight tendons and ligaments
  • Releases and drains toxins
  • Relaxes mind a body
  • Those who are involved in a lot of computer work

Contra-indications are:-

  • Elderly and fragile people
  • Clients with very high blood pressure
  • Clients recuperating from operations


The massage is performed with the client lying on their back. The legs are massaged first, then abdomen, followed by arms, shoulders, neck.  The client then turns over and the legs are massage first, followed by the buttocks, back, arms neck then head. 

If you are feeling a bit under par, then this massage is highly beneficial!


Some comments from satisfied clients:-

"That was absolutely wonderful, I feel as though I am floating."

"My lymphatic system feels as though it is working now." 


SERVICES AVAILABLE:- For Mobile and Clinic services- *Remedial Massage *Connective/Deep Tissue Massage *Musculo-Skeletal realignment *Relaxation/Swedish Massage *Lymphatic Drainage Shiatsu

Utilising Touch For Health Kinesiology for *Brain Integration - *Learning difficulties.

For Clinic Service Only Including Above list as well:- *Hot Stone Massage *Cupping * Moxibustion *Bamboo Massage



Phone today for an appointment on :-  0434 572 886

Email us to day at  :- twistyknotsmassage@yahoo.com.au





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