Corporate Massage


Twisty Knots Massage provides service to corporate enterprises.

Massage relaxes tight shoulder and neck muscles, so computer typists can perform at higher levels.  

Service provided for private functions or office massage. 




Options of comfort are a chair, or you may prefer a desk holster.

Prices are quoted per corporation.  

Please phone for suitable price!!!


SERVICES AVAILABLE:- For Mobile and Clinic services- *Remedial Massage *Connective/Deep Tissue Massage *Musculo-Skeletal realignment *Relaxation/Swedish Massage *Lymphatic Drainage Shiatsu

Utilising Touch For Health Kinesiology for *Brain Integration - *Learning difficulties.

For Clinic Service Only Including Above list as well:- *Hot Stone Massage *Cupping * Moxibustion *Bamboo Massage

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