Hot Stone Massage


Switch off for an hour or 2 with the experience and pleasure of Hot Stone Massage!!  It is equal to 3-5 Swedish massages.  The heat penetrates deeply into your body putting you into a deep meditative state and deeply relaxes your mind and body.  

It is perfect for unwinding from a busy and/or stressful life, especially for new mums!!  It also helps on a subcutaneous level in the body for arthritis and rheumatism pain and stiffness.  It aids circulation and breathing too, and is helpful for those suffering from asthma and COPD, and other breathing issues.  


Some comments from satisfied clients, after a massage:

"That was just what I needed to totally relax me after such a stressful time in my life!"

"The heat certainly gets in deep and I feel like I am in a deep meditative state." 



For Mobile and Clinic services- Remedial Massage Connective/Deep Tissue Massage Musculo-Skeletal realignment Relaxation/Swedish Massage Lymphatic Drainage Shiatsu Touch For Health Kinesiology - Brain Integration - Learning difficulties.

For Clinic Service Only Including Above list as well:- Hot Stone Massage, Cupping, Moxibustion.



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