Lymphatic Drainage Massage


This type of massage deals with the lymphatic system of the body.  It is a soft and gentle form of massage and effectively promotes the lymphatic fluid by unblocking the lymph ducts, the thymus gland and the spleen.  A bubbly sensation in the abdomen can be experienced as a result of lymphatic fluids being collected ready to be expelled out of the body via urination.

Benefits are:-

  • Blocked lymphatics and limited fluid flow
  • Diabetes
  • Oedema being mistaken as excess weight - you may not be overweight, but may just hold too much fluid!
  • Stagnation of fluid around the calves and ankles creating fatigue and pain
  • Cramping
  • Post surgery/infection
  • Sports people/athletes
  • Dizziness/headaches
  • Sleeplessness
  • Post cancer treatment


*Picture of Lymphatic system.


Some comments from clients after a massage:

"That is so relaxing and I can feel the fluid moving from my body."

"I have lost weight since the first lymphatic drainage massage, and I thought I was fat."


SERVICES AVAILABLE:- For Mobile and Clinic services- *Remedial Massage *Connective/Deep Tissue Massage *Musculo-Skeletal realignment *Relaxation/Swedish Massage *Lymphatic Drainage Shiatsu

Utilising Touch For Health Kinesiology for *Brain Integration - *Learning difficulties.

For Clinic Service Only Including Above list as well:- *Hot Stone Massage *Cupping * Moxibustion *Bamboo Massage

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