Reiki is an ancient healing method that was discovered in China over 100 years ago.


It has been used by many practitioners throughout the world as a very definite and precise healing modality.                      

Reiki is used as a healing modality for re-energizing the underlying tissues and for relieving pain within the system.  It is very powerful and heals on many levels: – physical - it re-energises the underlying tissue removing 'dead' areas in the body, and gives a whole renewal of organ and systemic function. emotional - it heals emotional turmoil and relaxes the mind consequently aiding better sleep, thoughts, and less stress. spiritual - relaxes and benefits your well-being and heals your aura.

During a consultation with Reiki, you will feel either the 'electric sparks' sensation or warmth radiating throughout your body.   It deeply relaxes and heals at the same time.  Your body absorbs the benefits of this type of healing process for about a week after receiving Reiki.  

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