Cupping Therapy


Bamboo massage is an oriental type of massage.  Bamboo canes are applied to the body and are either warmed, or are used at room temperature.  The application of bamboo to your body makes your muscles feel relaxed and nurtured.  

Bamboo sticks rolling on the skin gives a firm, deep massage as the pressure is spread evenly on the particular area of stress.

A kneading action is produced making the muscles relax accordingly.  

A very effective treatment for getting the knots out.



Fire cupping is a method using glass cups with a small flame being placed in the cup while inverted for about 10 seconds and then the flame removed, and the cup being placed on the skin therefore creating a vacuum and ascertaining suction.  The cup stays inplace for about 15 minutes.  A breuise may or may not appear on the skin as a result.  The bruising represents deeper tissues releasing toxins and renewed blood flow.

This form of suction releasing improves blood flow to the particular area, consequently releasing cutaneous and sub-cutaneous deep muscle bands knots and connective tissue.  Specific uses are for limited movement, chronic pain, scar tissue, corkers in the muscles, frozen shoulder, pre/post surgery.  The benefits are that it promotes healing, for old and recent injuries, and pain.

The cups may be moved across the skin slowy after the skin has been lubricated with oils.  This allows the release of more toxins and blood flow along the path of the where the cup is moved to.


Some comments from clients after a massage:

"The cups feel like they are really sucking stuff out of my body."

"It is great that they can work on specific areas to remove toxins and lumps."


SERVICES AVAILABLE:- For Mobile and Clinic services- *Remedial Massage *Connective/Deep Tissue Massage *Musculo-Skeletal realignment *Relaxation/Swedish Massage *Lymphatic Drainage Shiatsu

Utilising Touch For Health Kinesiology for *Brain Integration - *Learning difficulties.

For Clinic Service Only Including Above list as well:- *Hot Stone Massage *Cupping * Moxibustion *Bamboo Massage


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