Twisty Knots Massage, Southport

Would you like to be well all the time?

Do you have chronic and or acute illness that is always there no matter what you have tried : For example digestive issues, headaches or sciatic pain?

Do you have pain in your muscles that is there all the time or can be felt when you turn a certain way or you are having trouble getting in and out of the car?

Would you like to recover from chronic and acute injuries faster?


Hi my name is Annie and I love applying massage to help clients achieve results with their chronic/acute pain, relax, unwind and switch off from their busy lives. 

We provide a unique combination of :


For both male and female clientele

Specialising in:-

  • Sciatica.
  • Migraines.
  • Frozen Shoulder.
  • Pelvic Misalignment.
  • Structural re-alignment.
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Aches and pains, stress and strains.
  • Increased movement and joint mobility.
  • Recently acquired acute painful injuries.
  • Healing damaged tissue and muscles.
  • Any type of long standing chronic injuries.

* Well experienced and you are in expert hands.

* Other issues you have forgotten will be addressed and alleviated just for you.

Your body will be grateful ! 


Allow the warmth and softness of experienced hands  to run over your tired body to relax.

Revitalising you with the scent of essential oils to delight the senses & to switch off stress.



This type of massage is designed to promote the drainage of toxins and fluids from the

lymphatic system of which involves the use of long / medium pressure flowing strokes.



Homoeopathic remedies made to treat every ailment that you are experiencing, holistically.  

An example is, if you have had and accident and are suffering long term sleep deprivation/insomnia, from seeing the trauma when you are settling to go to sleep?

And if you have physical long term pain, had repeated surgeries and if you have headaches/migraines? There are amazing remedies to help.



We have a range of:-

Bach Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Gem Essences

Flower and Gem Essences are fantastic for treating emotional issues.  They are widely used for all types of ups and downs we experience in every day life.  Come and receive your tailored remedy just for you!



This uses your muscles for the testing of muscles, Meridians and Neurovascular holding points

as well as Acupuncture points to balance the body.

Rebalance your body structurally, emotionally, mentally, with Kinesiology.



A healing energy that re-organises the body's drainage and energy flows.

A single or combination of the above modalities can be utilised to aid your


Your pain will decrease improving mobility.

You will regain structural alignment, making you stronger, your movement & life



Get to the bottom of the issue today and resolve it ! 


Call 0434 572 886 for more information or make an appointment here online.

Email us :

Twisty Knots Massage, Southport .

Payment procedure

* Receipt of cash only.

Upon completion of your consultation, you will receive an invoice with your medical fund provider number printed on it.  You may claim online, or go to your nearest medical fund outlet.



Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Cert IV in Massage

Certificate of Swedish Massage

Certificate of Shiatsu

Hot Stone Massage Certificate


* Insured with Berkley Insurance Australia

* Associated with ANTA

ABN:- 2084 5129 296


*Rebates Available

Testimonials 5 Star Rating


I cannot believe how much movement I have now compared to the last few years with the first massage. That is incredible, thank you. I will be back.


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