Applied Kinesiology is a modality using the brain, musculo-skeletal and meridian systems combined to strengthen and re-align the body after it has been traumatized.

*An accident at work .

*Sporting injury. 

*Falling off your bike. 

*Falling over when you were a child.

*Emotional traumas from what evermay come your way in your life. 

*Psychological or mental stress. 

*A combination of physical, emotional and spiritual stress, which then affects the structural symmetry of the body.

*Learning difficulties.

*Forgetting what you have just read and have to re-read the paragraph and still cannot absorb the information.

*Memory Loss.

*Lazy eyes.

*Hearing difficulties

*Never well since a trauma.

*Getting your body back into feeling right after birth.


Through various injuries, bumps and lumps, the body reassesses its alignment and compensates to straighten up and before you know it you have a whole new set of painful symptoms which places stress on other parts of the body therefore limiting movement and bending. The body always wants to stay in a state of homeostasis and will recruit the other systems or muscles, to take over and function, when part of the body has been injured. Within a few hours, days, weeks or months, the pain shows up again, hence reducing the function of the body. No matter how small or large the injury, the injury will always be there, because subconsciously the body has not rectified the original problem. This also makes the sufferer tired and fatigued, with less energy to go about their daily life.

Kinesiology addresses the realignment of the body so it gets back to it’s full function and free of pain!


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