Would you like to discover how you can recover from chronic and acute injuries faster, relieve pain in your muscles that is there all the time or can be felt when you turn a certain way or you are having trouble getting in and out of the car ?? Or simply lifting your leg over the door frame to get inside your home. Massage will aid the body’s recovery from aches pain, and injuries. We specialise in applying remedial massage techniques and trigger point therapy to your problem areas so that you can get back to your normal life quicker. Migraines are our specialty. Massage relieves aches and pains, increases movement and joint mobility, heals damaged tissue and muscles. It is great to have massage for injuries, and also for any type of long standing chronic injuries or recently acquired acute painful injuries, to aid the body's rehabilitation process. Therefore you will regain your strength faster, and you will stop favouring the non-painful side of your body, making movement, mobility and life easier. Get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it!

Dealing with Chronic and Acute pain resulting from:- Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis. Childhood crawling/walking. Walking difficulties. Car/Motorbike accident trauma recovery and nightmares resulting from these. Sporting injuries.

Other areas I specialise in are also:- Migraines. Sciatica. Dizziness. Whiplash. Imbalance. Oedema or fluid retention. Hormone issues. Lazy eyes. Hearing difficulties.

Some comments from clients said to me after a massage:

  • There are very few high quality massage therapists, and you are one of them, so that is an observation compliment.
  • I want to pay for your plane fare to take you back to Sydney with me because I cannot find a decent therapist anywhere. I have been to 30 different therapists and none of them have been effective with my migraines. You have got rid of them, thank you.
  • That is the best massage I have ever had.
  • I want to take you back to Adelaide with me because I cannot find a decent therapist there.
  • You got rid of my headache/migraine, fantastic
  • I cannot believe that I don't have the pain in my lower back and I can bend forward properly now.


  • Remedial Massage
  • Connective/Deep Tissue Massage
  • Musculo-Skeletal realignment
  • Relaxation/Swedish
  • Massage Lymphatic Drainage
  • Shiatsu Touch For Health Kinesiology for Brain Integration & Learning difficulties.
  • Hot Stone Massage Cupping Moxibustion (clinic only).


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